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Sunday, 23 September 2018 21:37
About us - Our Specialists

 Aside from the most advanced equipment, the best materials and the innovative methodologies for treating various conditions employed by Klīnika LUC, our pride lies, primarily, with the fact that Klīnika LUC employs the best experts in their respective fields! 

Klīnika LUC employs urologists, gynecologists and diagnosticians, striving constantly to improve their expertise regardless of how high their current proficiency would be – improving their qualification and working techniques, assimilating the most up-to-date treatment methodologies.
The very foundation of our work – and the cornerstone of success for the experts working with 
Klīnika LUC – is the complex individual approach to the disease treatment problem. That is why our physicians cooperate closely with medics of related professions and possess knowledge expanding beyond the boundaries of their specialization. 
Apart from being experts, the physicians of 
Klīnika LUC are, first of all, excellent people, having such important traits as decency, professionalism, tactfulness, empathy and kind-heartedness, self-actualization, advertence and attention towards each patient!
Our experts have a responsible attitude towards their work and have every right to be proud of their results: gratitude, love and sustainable trust of our patients.

Oleg Khublarov
Consultant Urological Surgeon

Aleksei Khokhlov
Consultant Urological Surgeon
Taisiya Bordova
Consultant Urologist
Yuliya Khublarova 
USG diagnostics
Mariya Valtere
Ligita Zepa
Irena Lavrinovich
USG diagnostics
Vladimir Oleynikov
Boris Shulman
Lyubov Gavrilova
Arnolds Lavrinovich

In case You need any details on making an appointment or on the expert consultations provided by Klīnika LUC, feel free to call +371 654 44200 at any time from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays or e-mail Your request to 
The personnel of our registration office will provide You with detailed information and make sure of the convenience of Your appointment.