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Sunday, 23 September 2018 21:38
About us - Center

Who are we and what can we offer?

Urology is one of our primary focus areas, including diagnostics, treatment and prevention of genitourinary diseases.
Klīnika LUC, a highly professional medical centre, according to the patients’ and colleagues’ testimonials, handles 75% of the entire scope of patients in the region of Latgale.
Our centre offers You to undergo medical tests of over 650 kinds, consult a urologist, a gynecologist, a pediatric surgeon, and receive the respective treatment; undergo visceral or gynecological USG diagnostics.
Klīnika LUC employs cutting-edge medical technologies, offers individual approach to each patient and provides comprehensive solutions for Your health problems while maintaining total confidentiality.
Diagnostics and treatment are only administered by certified medical experts – physicians extremely proficient in their respective realms and having received a vast amount of accolade from their patients. These specialists regard Your health as not merely their occupation, but as their vocation as well.
Our physicians are members of the Latvian and European urologist associations, ranking among the top 10 experts in Latvia.
The day surgery department within our centre is fitted with unique hi-tech equipment! Our centre emphasizes minimally invasive treatment methods.
Holmium laser resection and enucleation (HOLEP) is the principal method for the surgical treatment of prostatic adenoma. This surgical method offers several unquestionable advantages: low blood loss, minor postoperative pain, faster postoperative recovery process handled entirely by the centre.
Low-invasive endoscopic surgical urolithiasis treatment by contact laser and ultrasonic lithotripsy is a routine operation, bringing patients back to healthy life within the shortest terms possible.
Urodynamic examinations constitute an integral part of the entire examination procedure for patients suffering from miction disorder, enuresis and neurological pathology. These provide a precise way to figure out most of the problems associated with enuresis or stranguria.
The quality of diagnostics and treatment at our centre is ensured by our high-class specialists and up-to-date equipment. If You require professional medical advice or competent treatment, You are welcome to contact our centre.

In case You need any details on making an appointment or on the expert consultations provided by our centre, feel free to call +371 654 44200 at any time from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays or e-mail Your request to 
The personnel of our registration office will provide You with detailed information and make sure of the convenience of Your appointment.